Agriculture, fisheries, livestock and livelihood development

This is a wide thematic area and which covers most of the economical activities of the nation. All these areas are specially concerning environmental ethics for the development. We are working for Food, Sood security and food savergenity while emphasizing the A4 concept of food savergenity. It is highlighting the importance of certification for organic productions while introducing participatary gaurantee system(PGS) for local market and internationally accepted local certification system for the foreign market. Always working for the conservation and sustainable management of traditional knowladge and techniques while promoting home gardening, agroforestry and social forestry.

All the industries related with marine, lagoon and inland fisheries will be considered including the community linked with the system. Introduction of appropriate fishing techniques, controlling of buy catching and enhance the awareness and develop the attitudes on marine resources and its importance among the fisheries community are few basic areas covered by the sector.

Uplift the traditional industries (coir, lace etc.) Sustainable management of environmental resources for industries and minimize the environmental effect from the small scale industries are few among the basic areas covering by the sector of livelihood development of SLNG.

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