Sri Lanka Nature Group (SLNG) is a consortium of organizations works under common objectives for the sustainable development. We are a network of member organizations in who are working different part of Sri Lanka towards the harmonious co-existence of the land, its flora, fauna and people and to ensure its preservation through sustainable mechanisms.

It is a nonprofit Organization registered in Sri Lanka. SLNG has its member organization and partner organization. All the implementation activities are decided at the action centre with the representation of partners, members, general public and expertise of each sector by the group of activist.

Objectives of the SLNG

Facilitate and support the capacity building of civil society organizations to promote and environment conservation, social justice and advocate equity

Facilitate and build networks and alliances of people’s organizations within and outside of the countries, which are striving to strengthen Environment rights and conservation.

Promote the values, ideals, principles and practices of participatory programs for the sustainable development.

In order to achieve its general objectives it is working on following thematic areas. 

Thematic areas

Biodiversity and natural resources

Agriculture, fisheries, livestock and livelihood development

Energy, climate change and disasters

Policy lobbing and advocacy

Research, information, communication and publication

Social, cultural and spiritual development

Education, training, monitoring and evaluation

Connect with us

No. 44, Raja maha Vihara Mawatha, Nawinna, Maharagama,Sri Lanka.

  • dummy+94 11 280 3139

  • dummy+94 11 280 3139

  • dummy slng.srilanka@gmail.com


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